I fear that 2015 will bring even more poverty and misery for those who housing associations were originally set up to serve. Further cuts to social security will push more into poverty. Those in need of care and support will see more services withdrawn. And the hate campaign against immigrants will continue. Leaders in the housing sector will fail these people if they do not make a stronger case for government investment in social housing which acts as a safety net and a springboard for those in greatest need. If current trends continue 2015 could be the year when social unrest returns to our streets and neighbourhoods.


One thought on “2015

  1. Tom is absolutely right , and we need to not only get rid of the uncaring coalition partners in May , but then to lobby hard , the incoming new government , and leaders in the housing sector , for more social housing . Repair the damage done by the ‘Right to Buy’ scheme , which helped too much those who ‘bought to sell’ ; happy to wait the required period of time in order to sell for massive profit . And lets do away with the meaningless terminology , of ‘affordable housing’ .

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